• Case Study: Service Robot Care-O-bot 4

    Case Study: Service Robot Care-O-bot 4

    Service-Robot Care-O-bot 4. The archetype of a service robot for tomorrow, developed and designed in close cooperation between Fraunhofer institute and Phoenix Design. The  „story“  to the gentleman of tomorrow.

    Red Dot Award: Interfiew with Andreas Haug, Managing Partner, Phoenix Design, Stuttgart:

    What do you particularly like about Care-O-bot?
    “Care-O-bot is a new archetypal robot. It is the felicitous symbiosis of design and engineering, of function and emotion, and it immediately seduces the user to start interaction. The fourth generation of Care-O-bots is not only more agile, more versatile and more charming – it is a matter of course that you can also enter into a dialogue by means of words or hand movements – cameras and microphones allow for recognising speech, persons and gestures.

    Interview continued: phoenixdesign.com/en/geschichten/care-o-bot-4

    The Story: phoenixdesign.com/en/geschichten/care-o-bot-4

    Case Study: Service Robot Care-O-bot 4