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    Integrating sustainability into the product design process already at an early stage will become ever more important in the future, and we at Phoenix Design are moving forward on this route with heart and mind. What it means to integrate green ideas right from the very start, and which innovation potential this brings about is related by Felix Mattes, Senior Interaction Designer at Phoenix Design, in his Interview with Susanne Volz of ecocircle concept.


    Susanne Volz: Phoenix Design has developed into a veritable institution in industrial and product design over the past nearly 30 years. Do you think this represents a special responsibility for the coming and sustainable development of products and consumption?

    Felix Mattes: With our clients, we are often integrated into the development process for their products and services in a central position.

    Since we identify 100 per cent with our work, we naturally feel a sense of co-responsibility for the effect a product unfolds in its various dimensions, whether socially, ecologically or economically. One of the reasons our clients give their orders to us is because they appreciate our consulting. That’s why we automatically feel a great sense of responsibility.

    Since its foundation by Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, Phoenix Design has been realising its claim to make products better – not only on an aesthetical level.

    We think that taking sustainability into account and integrating it into our processes is getting more and more important. On the one hand, neither our clients nor we can withdraw from global change. On the other hand, we represent design that’s oriented towards the user and typical for the brand. More and more consumers want to know not only which functions a product has, but also in which way and in which region it was produced, and which ecological impact or dividend it represents. At the same time, many of our clients have anchored sustainability as a KPI into their brand.

    In order to live up to our claim of delivering brand-typical design, we fill the values in a product or service with life. That's why we understand sustainability not as a factor of hygiene that’s “nice to have”, but rather as innovation potential which we tackle in a targeted manner in order to uncover opportunities for innovation. [...]

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