• Autonomous Driving at MuC 2017

    Autonomous Driving at MuC 2017

    Another Phoenix Design contribution has been accepted! Following Carolin Schmitt and Johannes Schäfer, now Philipp Geuder will also take part at the MENSCH UND COMPUTER 2017 conference [Humans and Computers] taking place 10-13 September 2017 in Regensburg. He will present an interactive concept on autonomous driving which he developed during his time at the Phoenix Design Academy.

    Philipp Geuder developed an interactive concept for navigation, route finding and destination in an autonomous vehicle for his Bachelor’s thesis at the University of Applied Sciences at Potsdam. There, he analyses and shapes autonomous driving in cases when people are unable to define a definite goal for their travel because they follow their intuition and want to determine their route spontaneously and without time pressure. As a result, three scenarios are being presented and described, including relevant groups of personas, of how the interaction with the fully autonomous vehicle will take place.

    Claudia Tietge, Interaction Design Team Manager with Phoenix Design, was the mentor for this thesis.

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    Autonomous Driving at MuC 2017