• aed Book Interview

    aed Book Interview

    The aed Society for the Advancement of Architecture, Engineering and Design in Stuttgart published their second book by the beginning of 2017 including reports on activities, events and their support of young talents. Well-known personalities of these branches from Stuttgart area gave an interview, as do Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, both Founders and Managing Partners of Phoenix Design.

    “More than 700 design prizes and 400 of these over the past five years. What is the secret to this success?

    Andreas Haug: Basically it is our own requirement to offer the highest quality design services. We are usually able to generate innovative and contemporary designs using well-founded insights, specific research and precise analysis as well as a strategic concept. We need to work out what users want! Thus, our work provides not only value for money, but brings our clients, in particular, economic success.

    Your design studio is growing. You now have an office in Munich. Why Munich?

    Tom Schönherr: This second location is the cornerstone of our growth strategy. We have been able to increase our expertise and manpower in both product design and, most importantly, in interaction design. Munich is a good location for this – it is home to a alrge creative scene, especially in the digital field. Munich is very well connected internationally and our clients from Asia enjoy visiting our studio in Munich.

    Digitalization is going from strength to strength. How does Phoenix Design adjust itself to this, or how large is the proportion of employees working in this area at the moment?

    Andreas Haug: It is interesting that a brand is no longer mainly experienced via a product but also very much via digital interfaces. Thus, digitalization gives design the chance to generate different, new experiences. It offers a brand an additional value with respect to the product and services for its users. We at Phoenix Design have already been looking at product and interface design from a holistic perspective for many years, even before our clients were becoming aware of it. Today, we are implementing our concept of integral design, which incorporates a holistic physical and digital approach, with a large number of specialized employees.

    The “hidden champions” of the region, including Hansgrohe, Duravit, Interstuhl, Trumpf and Zeiss, have been your clients for many years. What do these companies have in common?

    Tom Schönherr: These companies share a pronounced culture of innovation. They strive for continued development in both large and small things. In our long-term, collaborative partnership, we are able, time and again, to create substantial additional benefits through our useful innovations. Whether it is the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award or the German Design Award, these companies regularly receive design prizes for their products – and, of course, we are very pleased about that.”

    Source: aed Stuttgart (2016): Architecture Engineering Design, 1st Ed., av edition GmbH Verlag für Architektur und Design, p. 290f.
    ISBN: 978-3-89986-243-0 / www.aed-stuttgart.de

    aed Book Interview