• Phoenix Design at MCBW 2018

    Phoenix Design at MCBW 2018

    The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) taking place 3–11 March 2018 will once again attract international top designers, architects, creative professionals and business representatives to the Bavarian capital. Matching the motto “Design Transforms”, Phoenix Design will deliver two contributions and present trends and design concepts around the theme of water.

    MCBW 2018 will be starting with two programme areas, and Phoenix Design will be present in both of them. In the area “CREATE BUSINESS!”, the Phoenix Design Talk “Digital Water” will take place on Wednesday 7 March 2018 at 7 pm in our Munich studio, Hans-Fischer-Strasse 10. Experts from different companies and industries will discuss opportunities and challenges of digitisation with regard to this vital, non-digital element. What are the influences of trends like individualisation and self-optimisation on water and the way we handle it?

    Talk Guests: Michael Heintschel, CEO, Heintschel Marken | Niklas Ehrhardt, Research Fellow, University of Stuttgart | Andreas Diefenbach, Member of the Board, Phoenix Design
    Host: Carolin Schmitt, UX Designerin, Phoenix Design

    >> REGISTER for the Design Talk per Eventbrite (in German) or via e-mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

    On opening day already, i.e. on 3 March 2018, Stefan Andreesen, Principal Designer with Phoenix Design, will deal with the biggest talking point in the category “DESIGN SCHAU!” in his speech about “Water – a Digital Element?”. Between 4:30 pm and 5 pm at the MCBW Forum in the Deutsches Museum, he will present possibilities for combining water consumption with digital services and extending this combination in ways that are playful while at the same time making eminent sense – for a more conscious lifestyle.

    Phoenix Design at MCBW 2018
  • Dreamteam: SAP UX Day und PHOENIX

    Dreamteam: SAP UX Day und PHOENIX

    The SAP UX Day on 20 February 2018 at the ZKM Karlsruhe addresses the community of designers and UX experts. Upon invitation by SAP, Andreas Diefenbach, Member of the Board at Phoenix Design, will hold a lecture on “Designing Design – a Profession Between Utopia and Oblivion”.

    The World is changing, but some needs will never change: shelter, food, water, warmth, safety, rest and light. These fundamental issues continue to define people’s lives. Civilization has come a long way but there is still so much that can be better for so many people all over the world-  digitally and physically. The needs of human beings will still be the same but expectations within our connected world are changing.  In context of massive urbanization, scarcity of resources and upcoming technological standards our needs of living and wellbeing are consistently evolving. As designer we are responsible for re-inventing the world we live in. Our everyday life is changing faster than ever–socially, technologically, environmentally, politically, and economically. In the midst of these shifts, designers have the crucial task of thinking about what our future will look like and how we will interact with it. Our profession is between “utopia and oblivion.” Design is something between fundamental elements of creation and inflationary commodity. It will be oblivion if we continue focusing on minor aesthetic problems.” It will be utopia, if we shape design of the future into a meaningful and human dimension. 

    At Phoenix Design we believe that we can serve humanity best by focusing on those substantial things, that will always count: to find the way to manage and design challenges in daily life in a clever, smart and meaningful way.

    At this year’s SAP UX Day, everything will revolve around human-machine-interaction, Digital Transformation in the IoT, and Big Data, as well as visualisation for a holistic experience. Lectures, workshops and inspirational stands will get the topics across.

    Software corporation and design studio – both industries are dealing with the same issues and can learn from each other.

    Dreamteam: SAP UX Day und PHOENIX
  • 8x German Design Award

    8x German Design Award

    Phoenix Design is honoured to receive eight German Design Awards by the German Design Council. Within more than 5,000 design entries, products from AXOR, hansgrohe and Fun Factory won out and belong to the favoured few of about 400 award winners. The coveted awards will be handed over on Friday, 09 February 2018, at the "Ambiente" trade fair in Frankfurt/Main. An exhibition on the trade fair grounds will showcase all winners.

    One winner's award each goes to the AXOR Uno Select Washbasin Taps, hansgrohe product line RainSelect and hansgrohe KitchenSinkCombi 450. "With its strictly rectilinear, minimal design, the AXOR Uno Select celebrates the simplicity of form. The product’s high level of visible and tangible quality is the result of sophisticated materials and cutting-edge technology", according to the jurors. The G5 series of Fun Factory receives a winner award as well. 

    One "Special Mention" award each goes to AXOR Montreux Washbasin Taps, AXOR product line Uno Zero Washbasin Taps, hansgrohe Metropol Washbasin Taps and hansgrohe KitchenSinkCombi 660. "This combination features a clear and minimalist design whose faucet and extra-wide basin form a single unit from the standpoint of form. The minimalist but nonetheless compact form of the outflow head makes the product instantly recognisable",

    We are very happy, together with our clients AXOR, hansgrohe and Fun Factory.

    > Learn more about the award-winning products
    > About the German Design Award


    8x German Design Award
  • Design at the City Museum Stuttgart

    Design at the City Museum Stuttgart

    The former residence of King Wilhelm II of Wuerttemberg is again a place where history is being written – and where it is being narrated: at the Wilhelmspalais (located at Charlottenplatz), the first City Museum of Stuttgart is to open its gates in April 2018. The permanent exhibition called “Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichte(n)” (Stories from Stuttgart’s history) also takes a close look at topics in architecture and design, exclusively presenting a Phoenix Design design process.

    That Stuttgart is Germany's secret design capital is also supported by the important integration of design topics into the permanent exhibition at the City Museum. And Phoenix Design is of course an important contributor: For 30 years now, Swabian design "Made in Germany" has been taken from Stuttgart out into the world, and Phoenix Design has been honoured with a total of more than 780 design awards. Taking a typical design process as an example, the respective design steps behind the finished product are visualised and accompanied by explanatory texts. We are proud to be able to represent a piece of design history in this location, itself so rife with history.

    Beside the permanent exhibition “Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichte(n)” (Stories from Stuttgart’s history), special exhibitions, changing events, and the "Stadtlabor" (City Lab) on building, experimenting and discovering Stuttgart are part of the varied museum offer comprising four floors.


    Design at the City Museum Stuttgart
  • Onboarding at PHOENIX

    Onboarding at PHOENIX

    Three independent locations without connection? No way! At Phoenix Design, we take great stock in working TOGETHER among Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai – and we're investing time and money for this goal. We believe in the energy inherent in the team which can unfold its full potential through personal contact. That's why we bring our new designers from China to our German locations – like Shufen Guo.

    Shufen Guo (right) is the first Interaction Designer in our growing Shanghai studio. After an initial training period in China, Gigi came to Germany – for the first time in her life – in order to get to know her other 60 colleagues and to get an impression of the way we work here. She spent three weeks in Stuttgart and Munich, getting immersed in a new culture, gaining new design experiences, and enriching current projects in the respective teams with her personal view on things. Always by her side: her onboarding buddy Carolin Schmitt (left), UX Designer at Phoenix Design, for general questions and topics.

    Gigi studied art and design at the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou/China with a focus on creative design. Since her exchange to Taiwan Shih-Chien University for a semester where she studied communication design, she started to be interested in interface and interaction. After graduation, Gigi worked in Harman International for more than 3 years where she started as interaction design intern ending up as design lead. "For me, design is more of creating things, or solve problems in a logical and beautiful way. A product couldn't fit in user's needs without the logic behind“, she describes her own design philosophy. Therefore, her job will be to find out what's hidden and make sure a friendly user experience of the product.

    In a short interview, Gigi answers two questions regarding her onboarding program in Germany.

    What's your best memory in Germany?
    I believe an onboarding program is not only about how to work, but more of getting to know everyone in the company. Spend time with the people and learn what Phoenix culture is. The funniest moment of this trip was when Caro took me to a German traditional carnival. Then I found out that German people are not as serious as what I thought, there's also a lot of "craziness" and fun in the daily life.

    What do you take with you back to China?
    With the onboarding program, I learned the overall project process in Phoenix, talked to every colleague in person and make sure who I should approach when I am back to the Shanghai office for future project support. This is also the cool part of Phoenix Design, that there are so many talented experts in every step of design process. Onboarding program helps to build that connection between Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai, to ensure we are one family, and keep our philosophy "Logic, Morals and Magic."

    Onboarding at PHOENIX
  • Kids discover design

    Kids discover design

    Phoenix Design will discover design together with children age 12 to 14 on 20 April 2018 at the Werkgymnasium Heidenheim. Designer Steffi Haeckel will take a concrete example to sketch the design process from first idea all the way to product development. Then, the students themselves will get down to work: collect adjectives and pieces of furniture, and then build a “quick model”!

    A charming cupboard or a pointed lamp? The children may shape their favourite combination from simple materials (e.g. corrugated cardboard, wire, straws) according to their own ideas. Do research, find ideas, analyse, develop further, execute together, hold a presentation – all these are tasks which the professional design workday calls for. Fantasy knows no bounds. At the same time, creativity, eagerness to try out new things, network thinking, and conscious environmental design are promoted as well.

    The claim to give artistic-aesthetic education higher importance in the school curriculum is being articulated more audibly and more urgently and has become a field of activities for diverse initiatives on a Federal (and even European) level. Design, however, is not covered by this. Therefore, the Deutsches Design Museum Foundation would like to promote dealing with design in schools with its project “Discover Design”. In workshops and in collaboration between teachers and designers, the students get to know the basics of creation and design in a hands-on approach. For this topic to have a permanent place in school education, a teacher training programme is about to be developed. This initiative in the State of Baden-Württemberg is supported – among others – by the Karl-Schlecht Foundation.



    Kids discover design
  • Design as Innovation Driver

    Design as Innovation Driver

    In mid-January 2018, the publication “Innovationstreiber Industriedesign aus Baden-Württemberg” [industrial design from Baden-Wuerttemberg as innovation driver] was first presented to the public; initiated by the Design Center, the publication was funded by the Ministry for the Economy, Labour and Housing. Also contributing: Phoenix Design.

    The initial starting point for this publication: questions asked within the scope of design consulting at the Design Center Baden-Wuerttemberg. It became apparent that there is an intense need for up-to-date information about a wide variety of facets in design competence and the collaboration between industry and design business.

    In some 70 case studies, companies and design studios are showcasing particularly innovative projects they jointly led to success. Short texts present the respective motivation for the project, how design was integrated into the development process, which innovative features and which particular design features each product has.

    We’d like to say thanks to Christiane Nicolaus and Armin Scharf for taking into consideration two project examples by Phoenix Design: Fraunhofer IPA with service robot Care-O-bot4 as well as the shower unit Raindance Select Showerpipe by hansgrohe. The publication is rounded off by content about all forms of cooperation between industry and design, about the structure of the product development process, about industrial property rights and different remuneration models. A truly felicitous publication!

    Available free of charge from the Design Center Baden-Wuerttemberg (only in German).


    Design as Innovation Driver
  • Service Design Project at the Stuttgart Media University

    Service Design Project at the Stuttgart Media University

    November 2017 marked the start of the project “Delivery Experience” at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) in Stuttgart [Stuttgart Media University]. Interaction Designers Carolin Schmitt, Claudia Tietge and Stephan Thiemt (from left to right) are Visiting Lecturers, mentoring the Service Design Project during the current winter semester.

    In order to find answers to the question of “How can we design services of urban logistics in ways that are more pleasant, fairer and more positive?”, students from the Information Design degree programme will develop concepts to improve logistics bottlenecks.

    With the support of the Phoenix Design experts, the students from the 3rd, 4th and 7th semesters will walk through an entire design process, starting with research and analysis, moving on to ideation, and continuing all the way to the final visual design. On 23 January 2018, the semester project will end, with the students presenting their results at the Phoenix Design studio in Stuttgart.

    Service Design Project at the Stuttgart Media University
  • Design Friends Conference in Luxembourg

    Design Friends Conference in Luxembourg

    On 24 January 2018, Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager and member of the Phoenix Design Management Board, will be the invited guest speaker at the conference series by the Design Friends in Luxembourg. At the Mudam, the museum of contemporary art in Luxembourg, he will hold a one-hour speech starting at 6:30 pm about “The Future of Living”.

    The World is changing, but some things will never change. Shelter, food, water, warmth, safety, rest and light. This fundamental continue to define people’s lives. Civilization has come a long way but there is still so much that can be better for so many people all over the world. In context of massive urbanization, scarcity of resources and upcoming technological standards our needs of living and wellbeing are consistently evolving. As designer we are responsible for re-inventing the world we live in.

    At Phoenix Design we believe that we can serve humanity best by focusing on those substantial things, that will always count: to find the way to manage challenges in daily life in clever, smart and meaningful way.

    Design Friends is a non-profit organisation not merely speaking to professionals, but rather creating a conversation with all design lovers. By hosting conferences and exhibitions, publishing magazines and much more, Design Friends became in the last years a vital platform for design-related topics in Luxembourg.

    >> to the event

    Design Friends Conference in Luxembourg
  • Post-Purism. The End of Reduction?

    Post-Purism. The End of Reduction?

    On 22 January 2018 at 7 pm, the BDA Bund Deutscher Architekten [Association of German Architects] extended an invitation to come to the "Wechselraum" exhibition location in Stuttgart. "The superfluous is a very necessary thing", said Voltaire. Really? Isn't this pitted against the strive for guiding a design towards a pure and clear expression devoid of extraneous ingredients and influences? This was the topic of discussion at the 45th "Wechselgespräch" dialog meeting between Tom Schönherr, founder and Managing Partner of Phoenix Design, and renowned architects.

    Post-Purism – The End of Reduction? Panel discussion featuring Prof. Peter Krebs, Büro für Architektur, Karlsruhe; Thomas Kröger, Thomas Kröger Architekten, Berlin; Tom Schönherr, Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Munich/Shanghai; Host: Prof. Dr. Stephan Trüby, Munich/Stuttgart

    Looking at current architectural developments, there seems to be a discernible trend towards turning one's back on sobriety and again creating emotion by means of strong gestures. Necessary? During the course of that evening, one learned more about this.

    Location: Wechselraum BDA, Zeppelin Carré, Friedrichstrasse 5, 70174 Stuttgart, www.wechselraum.de

    Post-Purism. The End of Reduction?
  • Phoenix Design – Magazine

    Phoenix Design – Magazine

    Things that move us – pithy and to-the-point in the current Phoenix magazine FIRST. NOW. NEXT. Come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design. Enjoy our success today together with us. And read our thoughts about the future.

    What was, has been, and always will be is our philosophy. Phoenix Design is a studio for design and innovation, creating smart, meaningful, and substantial brand experiences which touch people – today, for tomorrow. Always driven by Logic, Morals, and Magic. Since 1987

    To order, simply send us an email containing your contact data.
    Contact: Silvia Olp, Head of Communications, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

    Phoenix Design – Magazine
  • FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    Phoenix Design is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. Our anniversary is marked by opening our own studio in Shanghai, China, and by introducing our new blog.


    In our blog, we will regularly tell you about our origins, about the present, and about the future of Phoenix Design. We listen, write, and move. Look forward to reading fascinating stories. We want to share the unique Phoenix Design spirit – with texts that are heart-warming and intellectually inspiring.

    1987 – come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design.
    2017 – enjoy our success today together with us.
    2047 – read our thoughts about the future.

    >> Read the current first article about how Phoenix Design was founded, including some facts to make you smile, and learn about the role of “Sweet Mama”!

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog
  • Anniversary Year 2017

    Anniversary Year 2017

    Phoenix Design celebrated its anniversary! And a lot happend in 2017: We opened our own studio in Shanghai, appointed Joon-Mo Lee and Andreas Diefenbach to the Management Board, renewed our Corporate Design and started our new Blog. Early November saw the climax with our big anniversary party at the BIX Jazzclub in Stuttgart with more than 200 guests. Then, created was the unique Phoenix Sound – a percussion performance starring our clients' products.

  • Yo-Yo goes Domotex

    Yo-Yo goes Domotex

    Following the main theme "Unique Youniverse", DOMOTEX will take place in Hannover on 12–15 January 2018. Phoenix Design will present itself on this trade show which is the most important one for carpets and floor claddings worldwide, within the scope of the exhibition "Endless Uniqueness" in Hall 8–9 with its own proprietary Universe Box with Yo-Yos from the Phoenix Design Academy.

    Focussing on the societal megatrend of individualisation, manufacturers, designers, architects and interior designers from nearly 60 countries will meet at the DOMOTEX trade show 2018 to present their latest developments and ideas.

    The exhibition "Endless Uniqueness" will turn the main theme into an interactive experience. With an individual Universe Box, 50 designers will visualise their very personal interpretation of self-determination and uniqueness. The respective boxes are placed vis-à-vis a kaleidoscope in which the boxes and the visitors are reflected. In this walk-in mirror installation, everybody can combine and change the different materials so that a self-designed, individual universe is created.

    Phoenix Design will stage selected Yo-Yos for this, reflecting the work of young talent at the Phoenix Design Academy. Towards the end of their internship at Phoenix Design, the design students have only three days to create their very own personal Yo-Yo, independent of design specifications. Principal Designer Sven Feustel mentors the program.

    Yo-Yo goes Domotex